Ghirlandaio Vocazione degli Apostoli

Ghirlandaio – Calling of the Apostles

Even if starting from very different experiences each of us met Christ and His Church in the concreteness and humanity of a Christian community and was fascinated by it. In the journey that started then every interest we had, from our families to our friends and our jobs, has been surprisingly emphasized and increased.

We know that such an experience is not made once and for all but needs to happen over and over again. But how can we meet Christ and get to know Him better every day? How can we be sure that what we feel is not just our imagination but something real that we can count on?

Faith is recognising Christ present and His presence today continues in His body which is the Church. The Pope is the one who makes the presence of Christ in His Church visible and accessible. Our love for the Pope is based on this judgement.

It is not because of an easy enthusiasm or sentimentalism. We simply surrender to the objective experience of perfect correspondence between His teachings and words and our lives and heart desires.