Rubens-San Pietro_ Museo del Prado Madrid

Rubens – Saint Peter – Museo del Prado, Madrid

Why do we propose an act of full communion with the Pope?

  • To set in our days a challenge, a sign, an encouragement, and a renewed and conscious commitment for a Church that has the Holy See as its ultimate reference.
  • Because we share the same experience that Peter had when Jesus asked his disciples: “Do you also want to leave?”. Well aware of his sins he simply answered: “Master, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life” (John 6, 67).
    It is the same for us today. The words and teachings of the Holy Father freely answer our deep questions on the meaning and value of life and they make us lift our eyes to an eternal destiny that meets the most secret and most urgent needs of our hearts.
  • Because we find in the Church an answer to our human need of meaning and in the Pope an authoritative teaching and comparison for our life and questions.
  • To give thanks for all the good that through the Church we have met and received.

We want to express to the Pope the same allegiance we must give to Christ so that the experience of joy an fullness we have so far seen in our life keeps growing.
We would like to share this offering with others to affirm together and for evermore that Jesus Christ is the Lord of the Universe and of History.
To help us in this commitment we ask the maternal intercession of the Most Holy Mother of Jesus and of all of us.