Icona San Pietro 2

Icon of Saint Peter

In October 2007 as a group of friends we decided to go on a pilgrimage to Međugorje. During a conversation at dinner almost casually we came up with the idea to take a vow of full obedience to the Holy Father and to make this a proposal for everybody who share our faith.

We came to faith through different journeys and we all live our faith in different communities but we all share the common understanding that for all of us the experience of loving Christ has grown by following the teaching of the Church and of the Pope.

This is why we thought of expressing our desire to give witness of our love for the Pope (“the sweet Christ on earth” as St. Catherine of Siena called him) explicitly and clearly and to extend this proposal to everybody.

Andrea, Cristina, Emanuele, Fabrizio, Gianluigi,  Marco,
Maria, Mario, Richard,  Rosa,  Sandro, Tiziano, Venanzio